I Love Photography

I’ve love photography since I got my first DISC camera back in the early 80’s. I took so many pictures of Kansas and Germany when I was stationed there. After I got out I ended up buying a nice 35mm Nikon with a couple of different lenses and it started. Everywhere I go the camera went with me.


I’ve shot 4 wedding now and several other functions. I only did it because they asked me, and of course since I was doing it for free the price was right. I hated the weddings though. Not because I didn’t want to take the photos, but because I was so nervousness. If I mess up on a typical photo I’m taking, No big deal. But, If I screw a wedding there is no do-overs. (well kinda sort of – divorce and remarry) But I still kept shooting everything… documenting my families life along with family and friends.

I’ve went through so many camera’s I’ve lost count. I’ve had a Sony Maciva (3 1/2 floppy disc) another Sony Mini CD camera, Olympus 5060W, Underwater Olympus, Snappy Q 35mm, Canon point and shoot, Panasonic Point and Shoot, Olympus 3.1 mega pixel, Olympus underwater, Canon Rebel XT, Nikon 35mm, and now I’m shooting with this Canon T3i. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bunch but you get the picture… no pun intended there.

My youngest son and I enrolled into a photography class at a local camera shop. I actually did it for him but after 1 class I had to admit  how much I did not know. It was awesome and renewed my love of photography once again.

So when you see me walking around with my camera stop and say, “Cheese”!

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

7e01f50eb2b057ac329683276a130c2aMy wife’s cousin who is younger than her is dying from infections. He has been a drug addict for years so it’s a self inflicted wound but that doesn’t help anyone at this time. His family and friends love him unconditionally and his life choices should not be judged at this time.

Everyone debates on anyone’s death… why, what could have been, what should have been, what if, but hindsight really doesn’t matter at this point. Now’s the time to say Goodbyes so he can meet his maker.

Today the family is gathering up at the hospital because they are removing everything and just trying to make him as comfortable as they can.  I think the hope is that he wakes up long enough to say his final goodbyes. In the end I guess telling him that you love him is the most important thing in life. Unfortunately most of us wait till that moment until we tell them how we feel.

Remember in the end… the rich man, poor man, drug addict, strait people, gay people, men, women, black, brown, white people all end up laying beside each other. We all become truly equal.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

God Bless the Family and Good Journey to You!

Steaming HOT

fireIt’s 85 degrees in the house… our A/C is broke and the a/c guy order us a new one but it will take a few days to get in in and then get it installed.  Dang I hope it comes in quicker than that. It’s going to cost us over $1,000 for a new one. I need to have our duct work check as well. I’m sure that some of it maybe bad and needs to be replaced.

I understand that a household items break and need to be replaced but jeez… being a home owner means expecting things at anytime, typically when money is low. I  really don’t think that only happens to us I think it probably happens to everyone.

I do understand why alot of people just prefer to rent and never own. LOL ~ not.

We going to the Keys

In July I’m heading to Key West for a weeks worth of fishing and boating. We’re going down with just the guys to do some fishing.  The family is coming down as well and we’re going to have a great time.

We went last year and had a great time. Hopefully we catch enough fish to offset the cost of going down there. I want to go out to the Dry Tortuga again, and sight see some other tourist attractions. Well… also eat some good seafood and Pepe’s for breakfast, and the Rusty Anchor for dinner… good ol’ conch chowder.

We’ve been down several times but the girls have never been down.  This maybe one of the last vacations that we do as a family with the boys. One day they’re not going to want to go with us. I guess all parents have to go through that. …part of growing old I guess.

My Truck was hit by terrorist

OK… it may not have been terrorist and may have been a bunch of drunk assholes but my truck was hit while parked at the grocery store. Some low class inbreed that lives around here probably did it.

I’ve never been low enough to hit someones vehicle and not stick around to admit it… well I’ve never hit another vehicle, but if I had I would have stuck around. Maybe the fucktard didn’t realize he hit it.

unnamed (1)


These fuckin’ tard welfare living fucktards around here did it… nobody noticed? Well I’ll never notice another fucking thing around here. I’ll never say a damn word to anyone anymore. I hate to be cynical but that’s the way it is.

Easter 2015

crucifixIt’s Easter 2015 and we had a great day! Our family came over and celebrated with us. We had a great meal and a very nice visit.

My wife made us a great ham, corn casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, celery and cream cheese, mac and cheese, potato salad, cake, banana pudding, and coconut cake.  In other words we had a great meal. LOL

The girls loved their Easter. They got new dresses and a bunch of candy. Whats not to like. The other kids came over and they all had a great time.

Happy Easter 2015 everyone!

Teaching All Day

I was teaching all day for business and finance. I know the it’s Easter weekend but they have their exams coming up and need to have the class.

If you’ve never taught all day you probably don’t understand how exhausting teaching can be. It’s almost worse that physical exhaustion… it’s mental. I get stress, my shoulders hurt and my head hurts. It feels as if I’ve worked for a couple of days outside in the sun. I couldn’t be a school teaching if this is the way they feel everyday. It amazes me how seating in a chair talking all day could make me so tired. LOL

This coming up week I have to teach Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and again on Saturday. I’m exhausted thinking about it. After teaching many days in a row my body starts to adjust to it a little. I need to get more vitamins and start eating healthy and maybe I’ll get some of my energy back, at least I hope. I’ve been out of my cholesterol, flow-max, vitamin C, and blood pressure pills for a couple of weeks.  That could be what is wrong with me. Tomorrow is my last sugar pill as well. I just need to make it a couple more week and then I’ll go the doctors and get a restock on everything.


I’m a mason and very proud of it. I joined 20 years ago but didn’t follow through with it. I wish I had of but that is something that I have to deal with. It really does make good men better.


2B1ASK1 is their motto… My father and uncles were in the Masonic order and I knew most of my life that I wanted to join I just never did. Well I can’t say never because back in 1993 or 1994 I did join but failed to do a followup.  So I had to rejoin a new lodge the Silom Lodge #399

If you ever have any questions please just ask.

The Best Part of Waking Up…

Well today we stopped at Subway for a sandwich this morning and I asked Eric, my son, to grab me a cup of coffee… it was the worst cup of coffee I’ve ever had. He had to have told them to give him the worst coffee they had.

I typically drink eight o’clock coffee or dunkin donuts, or even maxwell house, but this was so bad I could drink it. I had one sip and then 5 minutes later took another sip just to verify it was as bad as I thought… oh god it was. The moral of this post… never ever go to Subway for coffee! I think I’m the only person who ever did. LOL

April Fools Day 2015


I awoke early and video an introductory show… and then forgot to put my memory card back into my camera. So all day I’ve been taking video of stupid pranks and not recording anything. It was karma having an April Fools joke on myself. lol

It was a great day all in all. We have a great lunch, got a bunch of work done and my son and I went to the last photoshop class. It was a really good 4 week class. It was 2 hours per day and every Wednesday for 4 weeks. I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did but I was very Thankful I went and Thanks John for a great class.