Mammy – Who was Hattie McDaniels

Simon Pavey – Motorcycle rides (Dakar Rally 7 Times)

Photography – Rich’s Photos

FMyLife – comedy site

Top Secret Recipes

More knock-off Recipes – sorry, I’ll probably get complaints about sharing these.

Find Out Anything About Anyone

Cheap Date Ideas – It doesn’t have to be expensive

Why is Marijuana is illegal? – the truth

Photo Hosting – Can be done at your own website or here is a few photo hosting services.

Aminus3 – Great for a photo journal

Flickr – Free terabyte of space

Google Picasa

Photo Developing – Lots of places online

Walgreens – one I use the most (watch their flyer for the sales)

Clark Photo – been around forever

ArtsCow – cheapest! takes 2-3 weeks. I always use them when I’m not in a hurry. Good Quality of photos.

Good Web Hosting Services

Domain Name Registration

* I use