One cannot stress enough the importance of water, especially in the Florida summer heat. Bring lots of it in big jugs and bring smaller reusable bottles for portability and sharing.

We always try to have a big breakfast to hold us over for most of the day. Only having a stove I wrap biscuits in aluminum foil and heat then over the grill constantly turning them. I think fry some bacon or sausage and eggs. We also usually do 1 or 2 days of oatmeal as well. Bagels are always great to and you can toast them over the grill.

Lunch is typically a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich or Bologna and cheese, with chips.

For dinner I prefer 1 pot meals. Pasta, with sauce and meat is always easy. Rice with a meat and mixed veggies added is always a favorite.  or a big pot of chili, or hamburger helper.

Bring some snacks, such as pretzels, cereals or granola bars, along with fruits for a quick bite in between meals.

Don’t forget dessert! S’mores are a traditional camping favorite, along with some Little Debbies snack cakes.


To make the magic happen, you’ll need pots, pans, serving dishes, utensils and some sort of stove.

Coleman makes a variety of two-burner propane camping stoves.

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