We’re Home

After being going since Thursday morning it’s great to be home again. We went to Panama City where I taught a couple of classes and then over to Wakulla Spring where we went swimming and go to stay in the hotel that would build back in the 30’s and it’s pretty much still original. We had a great time and ate some awesome food. The family and I ate in the hotel restaurant, which has excellent ratings, and I had the blackened grouper, with backed potato and broccoli. ¬†That has to be a meal that is in the top ¬†10 best meals of my life. My wife, son, and daughters all raved about their meals as well. My wife had crab cakes, and my son have fillet minion, and daughters had shrimp and hush puppies.

I had to work Friday and Saturday and even with the ride up there and back I feel as if I just got back from vacation. I good for another 6 months or so.


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