My Trees


Now I consider myself an arborist. I love trees and I’m always planting seeds to grow new ones. When you plant a tree you have to continuously water it, fertilize it, make sure it’s getting enough and not to much. You constantly have to repot them in new pots to make sure their roots have enough room to grow. So when one dies or someone kills it is a little upsetting.

When the trees become 3 foot tall you stop worrying so much that someone may not see it and run over it. But, that is an assumption that they’re smart enough to realize it’s a tree.

My wife’s niece ran over another one of my trees that makes two in the last month. They wonder why I get so upset. It only took me two years to grow them from seeds caring for them every day. If it would’ve just died I could accept that, but they were killed due to pure stupid fucking ignorance. I will never like her again because of that. Or it would take a very long time for me to get over it.  

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