masonic_symbol_rotating_md_whtI’ve heard so many people say that, Masons are satanic, or the Masons are planning to take over the world, or it’s a cult. There are many more wrong beliefs about the masonic order. Sure they have secrets, it’s an old fraternity.

2B1ASK1 – That is the easiest way to find out. Yes it’s a man club but what is so wrong with that. Women have groups that are exclusive to them, so why not a group of men who have been doing it for a few hundred years. The Masonic organization is one of the biggest charitable organization in America. Who I’ve always know to do good and have never seen any type of plan to take over the world… I have heard it said that Mason try to make the earth a better place and to improve morals and values of others, is that wrong?

I’m a christian and if I ever heard or thought it was anything bad or if there would be anything to conflict with my moral beliefs I’d leave the fraternity.

Please research the organization before blindly judge them because Aunt Nut, said she heard from her cousins boyfriends brother-in-laws, son that something funny was going on.

From what I’ve seen they are upstanding highly respectable and honorable men who would help anyone out they could, not some evil group of monsters who plan to overthrow the government and rule the world… that’s an Underdog character.

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