American Sniper…

TA3A5741.DNGIt was not what I was expecting, not that I was really expecting anything. It told a story of a Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who was the sniper with the most confirmed kills in U.S. history. It credits him with over 160 kills but his Navy Seal team said that number was more than doubled but they were unconfirmed kills. That is amazing, but at the same time sad. This man killed single handedly over 320 people. I understand it was his job and that is what he was trained to do but he had to sleep with that every day. I just don’t know how you’d turn something that off. Today it’s OK to kill anyone you had to , but tomorrow back in what we call the real world it would be considered an heinous crime.

I’m not judging Mr. Kyle in anyway, he has (had) my utmost respect. I salute him for his service, he’s a HERO. He did what most of us couldn’t do.

In my opinion it was a good movie, not a great movie. I’m sure it was very close to what actually is happening in the middle east , and Bradley Cooper did an excellent job.

I understand that there is a lot of things in this world that has to be done, but I also realize that most of us don’t want to believe it or know about it. Is that burying my head in the sand… probably, but that does work for me in something like this.

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