Peppers and More Peppers

I’m upto about 40 different kinds of peppers now. Why I’m unsure but I think it’s some type of addiction. I’ve not harvested the first pepper yet but I bet I’ve bought $150 worth of pepper seeds. Most of the are of the hotter types, Scorpions, Carolina Reaper, Habaneros (orange, red, yellow, white), Ghost Peppers, Scotch Bonnet, Devils Tongue, Birds eye, Thai, Vietnamese, Tepins, Santaka,  Jamaican Hots, Serrano, Hot Wax, Fatali, Cayenne, Tabasco, Yellow Scorpions, etc. I really do have over 40 types not counting the bell peppers. I guess I’m going to be a pepper growing fool this year so if anyone wants to bring the beer over and eat some peppers let me know…


That is some Trinidad Scorpions – HOTTEST IN THE WORLD! About 1,463,700 Scoville … which mean they will smoke your ass! Well the Carolina Reaper has tested at an AVERAGE Scoville Heat Units of 1,569,000 and had a High Testing of 2,200,000  Scoville Heat Units. (even hotter)

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  1. Love seeing someone who enjoys rare peppers. Went on vacation 3 years ago to Mexico and I’m always looking for peppers. I found two pepper plants a Pequin and a Tepin ( Chil Tepin ) in a relatives garden. She didn’t plant them they are still wild seeds. We’ll anyway I got some plants growing and doing well in S. Cali heat if you want some let me know.

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