10 Ways to Save Money – Some Funny

IMG_13621. Always use the bathroom when your out somewhere. It their septic, water, and paper being used.  If you’re a family of 5 that’s a lot of TP paper!

2. Mooch every possible meal that comes along. Go to every party, gathering, wedding, or anything else were food will be provided.

3. Unless you sweat or working outside you should be able to wear the same pants and shirt more than once… at least a couple of days wear out of them.

4. Cold Showers… conserve on hot water and everyone will take a quick shower.

5. Use the Library as your source of entertainment. Books, movies, audio CD, and much more at no cost.

6. Yellow is Mello, Brown goes down

7. Schedule your runs when out… stop by the store, Walmart, etc. when your coming home from work or already out. 1 run per week, instead of multiple runs.

8. Encourage your kids to spend the night with friends.

9. Set outside on those hot windy days and turn the A/C off.

10. Always make a challenge on how to feed a family of 5 on a $10 dinner… It can be done!

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