Lone Ranger

For What It’s Worth~ (This is a replacement for Feb 25) It’s MIA?

lone-rangerSo the new movie, “The Lone Ranger” has been out on DVD for awhile now. I watched it a couple weeks ago and didn’t find it to be the bad movie that most reviews said it was. I think what it was it didn’t follow the typically Lone Ranger. This guy fumbled his way around with the help of Tonto. Tonto was clearly the intended star of the movie. (of course it was Johnny Depp)

So the next time you read a review about it ignore it and rent the movie. See for yourself, it has humor, and a few good action scene. If you look back on the whole “Lone Ranger” series he was a pretty corny guy. Why did Tonto stay with him to be his flunky. Tonto always had to do all the meaningless shit work… poor Indian discrimination.

I wouldn’t give it a five star rating but I can say it’s worth watching. Probably more realistic that any  Clayton Moore or John Hart ever did.

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