Ah…19 years ago

On November 19, 1994 I married the girl of my dreams, Shannon. I always here people say that but I truly believe it. Who else would put up with me for that many years.

I wake up every day knowing that I’m loved, and that makes the day worth living in my opinion. So many people I know dread going home in the evenings… not me, I look forward to that each and every day going home.  Has it been a perfect the entire 19 years, no but damn close. We’ve had our share of up and downs, with a lot of “Hallway Sex”. (the – fuck you, no fuck you ones) But at the end of the day I know I have the best woman in the world.

Shannon is younger than I, so hopefully she outlives me, (at least I pray)  and we complement each other. More her complimenting me that me to her. I’m a guy that goes to sleep and night getting a shoulder rub thinking this is better than winning the lottery. And, I seriously wonder what I ever did in my life to deserve her and my family… I’ve got two awesome boys and two perfect girls!

I couldn’t have chosen a better mother for my kids. She’s tough on them but love them with all of her heart, and will sacrifice anything and everything for any one of them.

I’m so proud to say, Shannon Elzey is my wife and I love her!




One thought on “Ah…19 years ago

  1. I love you so much. Thank you for that. It warms my heart in ways I can not even explain. It has been a great 19 years. If it had not been for the bad times, I do not believe the good times would be as great as they are. You have given me the four best gifts in life and that is our children. They are perfect to me in everyway. We still have a even more wonderful future ahead us. lets make the best of it. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father.
    God truly has blessed us with a wonderful life and beautiful family!! I am proud to be Mrs. Richard Elzey!!!!!

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