#5 Laser Pointer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery guy on earth will love this… who wouldn’t love a super cool laser pointer! They’re $69 and they’re are better ones, up to $500. I’ll attach the video and link to check out the others.

Check out the others


#4 Shaving Mug with Brush


Awesome gift…anywhere from $25 – $100 bucks. This is typically something a guy will have for the rest of their lives. Do a search on the internet, you can get some real nice handmade ones! Whichever one you get don’t forget to get them some soap.

#3 Mini Louisville Slugger

Mini Ball Bat – under $10 from Louisville Slugger


You can get their favorite team or sometimes they have the players names on them. Pay a little more and have their name engraved on the bat. (or yours)

Great Christmas Gift, plus now it’s can be used as protection.

#2 Shot Glasses

STANLEY SHOT GLASS SET – under $20 at Target



3 shot glasses and a little ice bucket… perfect for those adventurous get-a-ways.  I’ve ask a few guy friends and they all said they’d like to have a set. LOL

Great gift under $20

Men Christmas Ideas #1

A couple of ladies was telling me how hard it is to shop for guys…. huh…what? I think guys are pretty simple to shop for. Buy yourself something from “Victoria Secrets” and have it on for us Christmas morning…problem solved.

Or… here are some other ideas; The top 10 ideas… one at a time!

1. Magnifying glass – They fascinate us, I paid $12 at Staples


a) stamp collecting
b) bug collecting – to see the details
c) nickel or money details
d) burning bugs
e) acting like Sherlock Holmes
f) picking out splinters
g) detailing our lady friends
h) they make us look smarter
i) many many more things to use it for!

If you don’t believe me ask most any other guy. If they say it’s stupid have nothing to do with them, they’re probably abusive.

Top 10 Desserts

pecanRated by Me… These are my Top 10 Favorite Desserts of “All Time”!

1. Pecan Pie
2. Chess Cake
3. Hot Fudge Sundae with Pralines and Cream Ice Cream
4. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
5. Key Lime Pie
6. “Shannon” Banana Pudding
7. Peach Cobbler
8. Coke Cola Cake
9. Sam’s Club Coconut Cake
10. Krispy Kreme Donuts

My Top 10 Restaurants this week

1. Hiro’s Tokyo Japanese Steak House (Port Richey)
2. Pecks – (Ozello, Florida)
3. Red Lobster
4. Hooters
5. Clyde’s Boasted Chicken (Spring Hill, Florida)
6. Portu-Greek Cafe – Clark St. (Hudson, Florida)
7. Panchos Villa – San Antonio, Florida
8. Garden of Eden – Mediterranean Restaurant (Hudson, Florida)
9. Longhorn Steakhouse
10. Thai Bistro – (NPR, Florida)

Bonus… Chick-fil-A! – anytime

Best According to Me…


Donnelly’s Deli – Spring Hill, Florida


Taste Good Chinese – Spring Hill, Florida


Ron’s BBQ – SR-53 (Hudson, Florida)

My Top 10 drinks

  1. Big Red Soda
  2. Orange Julius
  3. Lemonade (Fresh)
  4. Spazie
  5. Coffee (8 O’clock – whole bean French Roast)
  6. Crystal Light Lemon Tea
  7. Water
  8. Tea
  9. Piña Colada
  10. Coke Cola (in glass bottle)

Top 10 Burgers?

I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I need help. Please comment if you know of some Awesome burger joints around the Spring Hill / Brooksville, Florida area for me to try.

My current list:

  1. Five Guys
  2. Fudruckers
  3. Burger 21
  4. Steak-n-Shake
  5. White Castle
  6. Chili’s
  7. Burger King’s Whooper
  8. Apple Bee’s – Cheese Burger
  9. McDonald’s Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger
  10. Checkers grease bomber