Does It Look like The Picture? Taco Bell Beefy Fritos Burrito

Item 2 – Day 2 :

Taco Bell Beefy Frito’s Burrito

Seasoned beef, Frito chips, and premium Latin rice wrapped in a flour tortilla and filled with warm nacho cheese sauce.

Well the only downside was it was missing the Fritos… or at least 95% of them. I think there was one or two on there but they was not CRUNCHY at all.

pdp_beefy-fritos-burritoThe Picture of the Frito’s Burrito (from Taco Bell’s website)

IMG_7299My Photo of the Frito’s Burrito

Not only was it a FAIL in looks but also in taste. It took everything I could do to get HALF of it down.

two clawsMy son and I both agree that it only gets 2 out of 5 Paws  Will never get again!

You tell me what your opinion is.

Taste Good Chinese Restaurant in Spring Hill, Florida.

taste good-04

We’ve been using them for years and the food has always been pretty good. We’ve noticed a little decline in the last 1/2 of 2014 though. We typically had them deliver the order and it always seem as if they forgot something. When we call they’d apologies and offered to resend the item but if they would our dinner would be over by the time the driver would even get here… boo..hoo… I know.

We order some about a month ago and they forgot the cashew nut ($4.00 worth). They offered to send them out with the driver but we were already eating. Instead just credit us the $4.00 for next time. A few weeks later we ordered again. I made a note in the online about the nuts, so this time the nuts would be at no cost. I understand the language barrier but my wife explained to him 6 times about the nuts… and then they refused to replace them. ( this is the same guy as before). When my wife said, “Cancel the entire order” (over $50.00 – we have 6 in the family) – “Oh now I see note I made”, he said. The cashew are free… then do I get back my $4.00 from the last time I order if they’re free. “OH, at no cost this time to you”.

When you order over $35.00 they offer a free large sesame chicken, which we did so I ordered it. We got the nuts and no cost but they forgot sesame chicken. I think that was a “fuck you stupid American” gesture. So needless to say I will never eat from “Taste Good Chinese Restaurant” again.

The sad thing is the only reason we order from them is they were a small family owned business. We pass two other Chinese takeouts on the way to taste good… So Taste Good… good luck but without any of my stupid American dollars.


Space Shuttle

I’m really torn about the “Space Shuttle” program. It seems without it we took a step back in Space exploration. I understand it was a big chunk of the budget but without it I just don’t feel as if America is still the world leader.  There is the International Space Station but it’s not the same, at least it’s not in my eyes.

Was it Obama , Bush, or hell even Clinton? Who knows who actually gave the final order to kill it or upkeep them. My kids will never see a man walk on the moon or a space shuttle lift off. Wow … we’ve jumped back to the 50’s or have simply given up and decided it’s a futile attempt, or there is simply nothing out there… that would be a lot of wasted space huh?

Overboard on Pepper Plants

P1050716I think I’ve got well over 2,000 pepper plants and 250 different types of plants.  I’m not sure where I’m even going to plant all of these. I think I’ll try to see some and then give some away, oh boy. I have Carolina Reapers, Moruga Scorpions, Ghost, Habaneros, 14 types of  Thai peppers, Jalapenos, pablano, butch t, 15 types or 7 Pots, 18 types of Habs, 14 types of bhut jolokia, 8 types of Fatalii, peters, 8 types of naga, ect. You name the pepper and I’m probably growing it. Me and my entire family will have peppers this year.

I am the PepperMan of Spring Hill.

iFrankenstein Review

ifrankenstein_ifrank08I have put off watching this movie for about a year or so. How good can a classic remake of Frankenstein be?

Well I was shocked to find out it was pretty damn good. It wasn’t a remake but more of a post adventure. After the monster kills Dr. Frankenstein’s wife and Dr. Frankenstein himself he wanders off into the wilderness. Well 200 years later he returns to civilization, and that is where “iFrankenstein” begins. So not a remake a post adventure and worth a watch. Good graphic effects and a hot ass babe (Franks Squeeze) .

Dog ran away

IMG_0960My dog ran away for a month and came back. At Christmas of 2014 our border collie, Merlin, disappeared. We figured we’d wait a few days and he’d come back. Well with everything that was happening with Christmas and the new year I didn’t get around to really posting anything about him until 3 weeks later. I didn’t expect we’d ever see him again but under pressure from my wife I posted him on craigslist and on Facebook. After a couple of days my wife was in the back yard and he came through a hole in the fence. WTF… after a month? They fixed the holes and he’s been here every since. I was getting used to the fact he was gone…LOL


masonic_symbol_rotating_md_whtI’ve heard so many people say that, Masons are satanic, or the Masons are planning to take over the world, or it’s a cult. There are many more wrong beliefs about the masonic order. Sure they have secrets, it’s an old fraternity.

2B1ASK1 – That is the easiest way to find out. Yes it’s a man club but what is so wrong with that. Women have groups that are exclusive to them, so why not a group of men who have been doing it for a few hundred years. The Masonic organization is one of the biggest charitable organization in America. Who I’ve always know to do good and have never seen any type of plan to take over the world… I have heard it said that Mason try to make the earth a better place and to improve morals and values of others, is that wrong?

I’m a christian and if I ever heard or thought it was anything bad or if there would be anything to conflict with my moral beliefs I’d leave the fraternity.

Please research the organization before blindly judge them because Aunt Nut, said she heard from her cousins boyfriends brother-in-laws, son that something funny was going on.

From what I’ve seen they are upstanding highly respectable and honorable men who would help anyone out they could, not some evil group of monsters who plan to overthrow the government and rule the world… that’s an Underdog character.

Happy New YEAR 2015

Happy-new-yearI still can believe how fast 2014 has flown by… damn and I’m almost another year older. I have got to slow down and smell the roses before my entire life flies by. I can remember being 15 and going fishing as if were last week.